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A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Aryan Agarwal and I’m here with my first blog – Financetasy.
This blog will mostly be about investing in the Indian market, how college students should manage their money and invest it properly and how to create wealth.

So a little bit about myself, I am an MBA student at NMIMS, Mumbai. My
interests are finance and investing. This creates a unique position for me to share my knowledge and learnings with you all to help you gain from it too.

The main purpose of this blog is to bring new content about international market, stock analysis, investing, reviews and underlying stock and mutual funds explanation.

Throughout this blog we will dive into exciting topics and focus on the importance and need of investing, with the main question being “WHY?”. Instead of deciding to invest and grow your money by looking at others, we will understand how and why to do it ourself. This blog will help you to grow your money independently and all by yourself!

So follow this financial journey with me and make the most of it.

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Investing is hard, and you are bound to make mistakes that are common but avoidable just by learning and knowing about them. Where to invest? How to invest? How long should you invest? These are some of the basic questions that people have. So in this article, I will...

Why The Next Market Crash Will Be The Worst

Why The Next Market Crash Will Be The Worst

Last week I read a fascinating article about the stock market titled "Why The Next Market Crash Will Be The Sharpest On Record," and I thought about sharing my views on the same. First, I would like to mention that I really enjoyed this article, and you should...

Best Passive Income Books

Best Passive Income Books

This is an article about best passive income books. Passive! It means indirect or something in which you are not actively involved. Are you also the one who is tired of a 9-5 corporate job? Do you question yourself about why you are not your own boss? If yes, then...

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